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Relaxing Russian Bathhouse in Hunters Point

Relaxing Russian Bathhouse in Hunters Point


One of the city's absolute gems is nestled on a street in Hunter's Point. We love Archimedes Banya because it's not just your average spa. Sure, you can get the normal offerings like massages and body scrubs, but you can also try a lesser-known spa treatment that involves getting flogged by branches in a super-hot sauna. Intrigued? Read on, comrades! 

Estimated Cost: Moderate
Estimate Duration: 1-4 hours
Best Days: Every Tuesday
Best Time: Days for relaxation, nights for rowdiness
Vibe: Casual, relaxing, friendly

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Your Russian-bathhouse date itinerary...

Most of this date takes place at one venue, but if you're feeling up for a rowdy time afterwards, you're just a short Uber from Dogpatch. Consider taking in a meal at Serpentine or grabbing ice cream at Mr & Mrs Miscellaneous after your spa excursion. 

1. Take a bus, bike or cab to Archimedes Banya in Hunter's Point

Get ready to schvitz. This four-story building comes complete with dry saunas, wet saunas, dunking pools, an in-house pub, and rooftop seating areas aplenty.

2. When you arrive, choose from any of the banya packages

If you're a newbie here, the basic banya pass is a good start, but you can pay a little extra for spa services. 

Banya Passes:

  • Basic Banya Pass ($42): Use of bathhouse, including all saunas, steam rooms and pools.

  • Deluxe Pass ($160): Use the pools, get a platza massage, a Hammam body wash, and your choice of any half-hour spa service.

  • Premium Pass:

  • Happy Hour ($35): Basic 3-hour bathhouse access. Only valid between 12-4pm Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (except holidays).

3. Strip down, prepare to get wet and flogged by leaves

Whether bathing suit-clad or in the buff, follow basic etiquette and rinse off before you hit the saunas and pools. If you're feeling brave, sign up for a Platza massage by one of the Banya's friendly staff members. As part of this treatment, a platza practitioner will use venik leaves to massage you in a super hot sauna for about 10-15 mins, then take you out for a cold plunge.

Things to know about the bathhouse...

  • Some areas are clothing optional, so don't come if you're squeamish.

  • Bathing suits are a good bet if you want to enter all the pools and saunas.

  • Robes, towels and flip-flops are provided for your use while roaming around the bathhouse.

  • Be sure to drink lots of water so you don't get dehydrated. There are free cups near the cold-plunge pool.

4. Enjoy lunch, games & stunning rooftop views

One thing to note about Russian bathhouses is they're not pin-drop silent spa experiences. They're more of a social-gathering space than a zen retreat. And this spa comes with it's own restaurant called Zteamers! When you get peckish, go upstairs to snag a few beers and some Russian snacks, like piroshki, blini or borsch. Take your lunch up to one of two rooftop patios for panoramic views! 

More fun info about the Banya:

  • Check their calendar for events, like No Pants Karaoke, Ladies/Mens Night, or rooftop yoga.

  • There are games, like chess, available to play over a pint at Zteamers.

  • They have two party rooms for groups that you can rent out. The smaller room is $60 for 3 hours (up to 6 guests) and the larger one is $150 for 3 hours (up to 40 guests). Drop them a line for details.

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