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A Circus-Themed Date... Step Right Up!

A Circus-Themed Date... Step Right Up!

Gamify date night and escape to a world of whimsy and adventure. You can fly through the air, eat cotton candy, and finish your night with a "Monkey Business" cocktail in a boozy funhouse.

You'll need to travel by ride-share or take public transportation to get to all three stops. No worries, though, they are all on one Muni line: less than a 10-minute walk off the N-Train or #7 Bus stops, so you don't need to remember any tricky navigation because swinging upside down on a trapeze is enough concentration for one night.

Estimated Cost: Moderate
Estimate Duration: 2-5 hours
Best Days: Any day
Best Time: After 5 pm
Vibe: Casual and playful

Date itinerary: Welcome To The Greatest Show On Earth! There are three stops we recommend for this date. Want to stray from the itinerary? By all means—do whatever feels good to you and your date.

1. Start at Circus Center in Inner Sunset

The big top for your date is located on the cusp of Cole Valley and the Inner Sunset. The expansive facilities allow Circus Center to offer every level of ability class for flying trapeze, acrobatics, aerial arts, contortion, and juggling.

The supportive and safety-minded team will help you navigate your way through your first night as a circus runaway. Work up a sweat jumping on the trampoline and testing your limits on the big indoor trapeze or if heights aren't your thing, simply play on the ground level with jugglers and learn to spin plates.

Things to know about Circus Center…

  • $5 Fridays are a steal—get an introduction to trapeze for only $5 per jump.

  • Workshops and long-term classes are available.

  • They offer professional and recreational training with a world-renowned team of instructors.

Pics via Yelp.

2. Head to Straw for Carnival-themed cuisine

Located in Hayes Valley, Straw is a local favorite for unique sweet and savory dishes that you won't find anywhere else. They are best known for their Ringmaster Donut Burger which is a double patty cheeseburger that has a glazed donut as the bun (now aren't you glad you got a circus workout in first?!).  

Funnel cake, cotton candy, caramel corn and other circus mainstays are also available. 

Things to know about Straw…

  • Request to sit in the Tilt-O-Whirl that's been converted to a table for two.

  • Seating is limited, and can fill up fast. Reservations are available.

  • On the weekends, they host '90s hip-hop brunch.

Pics via Yelp.

3. Unwind at Topsy's Fun House

With drinks named "Monkey Business" and "Backflip" you can keep your date on their toes at Topsy's Fun House, located in the Financial District. 

This bar strays in tone from its neighboring drinking establishments which is why it happily stands out in the area. They have a solid bar program inside a colorful atmosphere that doesn't take itself too seriously in this business minded hood. 

Things to know about Topsy's Fun House...

  • The stools are on giant springs so it's like drinking in a bounce house (dreams do come true).

  • Don't worry about "coulrophobia" in this bar, the bartenders are friendly and blessedly not clowns.

  • Credit cards accepted.

Pics via Yelp.

Places Featured In This Date:

  1. Circus Center

  2. Straw

  3. Topsy's Fun House

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