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Welcome to SF Date Night! We're Desiree and Christina. Our friends constantly come to us looking for date ideas, so we decided to post all of them here. We hope you enjoy!  

Dim Sum Brunch & Hike to a Cemetery in the Presidio

Dim Sum Brunch & Hike to a Cemetery in the Presidio

Bring your stretchy pants and your walking shoes, because you’ll need them for this date. Start by stuffing yourself with dim sum, then hike around one of SF’s most beautiful parks: the Presidio. Bonus points if you can find the coolest person buried at that National Cemetery. With this daytime date, you're sure to be rewarded with delicious dumplings, fresh air and stunning views.

Estimated Cost: Cheap
Estimate Duration: 3-5 hours
Best Days: Daily, except Tuesdays
Best Time: Start at 9:30 or 10am
Vibe: Casual, artsy, outdoorsy, active

1. Eat Delicious Dumplings At Hong Kong Lounge II In Laurel Heights

This popular spot is just a short distance from the Presidio, so it’s a great place to fuel up before a day of exploring. Skip the main-course menu and grab a paper order sheet for dim sum. You can’t go wrong with dumplings, garlicky pea shoots, or pork buns. 

  • This place gets busy during peak brunch hours.

  • Parking can be hit or miss.

  • You can make a reservation with parties of 4 or more. Did someone say double date?

2. Check Out the Andy Goldsworthy Spire in the Park

After you’re full of dumplings, hike into the Presidio. Next door to Inspiration Point, you’ll find the wooden sculpture erected by artist Andy Goldsworthy entitled Spire. Made of fallen Monterey cypress trees that once grew nearby, this beauty is 100 feet tall. Try taking pictures from different angles and sharing your shots with your date!

  • Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist.

  • He has 3 other sculptures in the park. The one closest to Spire is called Wood Line, near Lover’s Lane.

  • He is widely considered to be the founder of modern rock balancing.

3. Hike to the San Francisco National Cemetery

It may seem a little macabre, but we think visiting historic cemeteries is a great date activity—and this one so happens to have a breathtaking view. 30,000 U.S. veterans and their families are buried here, among them: Civil War generals, Buffalo Soldiers, and even female Union spy named Pauline Cushman-Fryer.

  • The SF National Cemetery is open from 6am-6pm daily.

  • It’s totally free to get in. Just stroll and enjoy!

  • There's also a Pet Cemetery nearby, where you can read adorable headstones that say things like, "Bilbo Baggins... the best hamster I ever had" or "Here lies Trouble. He was no trouble."

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