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Welcome to SF Date Night! We're Desiree and Christina. Our friends constantly come to us looking for date ideas, so we decided to post all of them here. We hope you enjoy!  

An Old Timey Date Night at Home

An Old Timey Date Night at Home

Let's face it: sometimes you just don't want to go out. Whether it's bad weather, exhaustion from a long work week, or just plain introversion, it can be nice to spend some time unwinding at home together. But Netflix and chill need not be humdrum. Here's a themed at-home date idea for you to try with a special someone

Estimated Cost: Cheap
Estimate Duration: 1-6 hours
Best Days: Anytime you'd fancy.
Best Time: We recommend this at night, but daytime works too.

Here's How To Have An Old Timey Date Night at Home...

1. Put On A Classic Radio Show

Oh, the wonders of the Internet. Did you know you can stream radio shows from the 1930s-40s for free these days? Check out the aptly named Old Time Radio Downloads to tune in from your computer. They have all sorts of show genres to choose from, like quiz shows, comedy, Westerns, thrillers—you name it. Listen to one as you get ready to cook. 

2. Fix Yourself A Vintage-Inspired Meal

No, we're not talking about eating expired salad. But you can get inspired by old-school recipes, and give them your own twist. Wondering what was popular in the 1940s/50s? Here are some ideas we got from Taste of Home:

  1. Deviled eggs

  2. Swedish meatballs

  3. American Lasagna

  4. Potatoes au gratin (or anything au gratin)

  5. Hamburgers & milkshakes

3. Mix Yourselves a Classic Cocktail 

Why stop at food when you can also enjoy a retro drink? Here's our quick recipe for a vintage martini, also known as the drink that Ernest Hemingway said was so "cool and clean... it made me feel civilized." 

How To Mix A Classic Martini

  • 3 ounces good-quality gin (or vodka, if you must)

  • Splash or 1/2 ounce dry vermouth

  • Ice Cubes

  • Green olives (if you can find them, try pimento stuffed); or a lemon twist

Chill your glasses in the freezer for 30-60 minutes before making, if you can. Place 6-8 ice cubes into a cocktail shaker or chilled pint glass. Add gin & vermouth, then stir until cold, about 10 seconds. Strain into your glass, straight up. Add 1-2 olives or a lemon twist. If you're feeling saucy, add a splash of the liquid from the olive jar—this is what makes the drink "dirty."

4. Pick Out Your Favorite Old Movie To Watch

Whether you're a fan of adventure, comedy, crime noir or romance, try to decide on a classic flick you'll both enjoy. It doesn't need to be in black & white, but it should have been made before 1960. (we're sticking with a theme here, right?)

Here's shortlist of some critically acclaimed films from that era:

  • An iconic film like Citizen Kane (1941) or The Third Man (1949)

  • A screwball comedy like It Happened One Night (1934) or Some Like It Hot (1959)

  • A rollicking musical like Singin' In The Rain (1942) or Top Hat (1935)

  • A cozy romantic number, like Casablanca (1942) or Rebel Without A Cause (1955)

  • Any Alfred Hitchcock film or an old horror flick like Nosferatu (1922).

If you'd like, pop some Jiffy Pop and cozy up on the couch. Who needs to go out in order to have a great date, after all?

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