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Welcome to SF Date Night! We're Desiree and Christina. Our friends constantly come to us looking for date ideas, so we decided to post all of them here. We hope you enjoy!  

Flea Market & Kitschy Tiki Bar In Alameda

Flea Market & Kitschy Tiki Bar In Alameda

This date is a classic East Bay excursion, worth crossing the bridge for. It’s great for spending the afternoon with someone you like—or double dating with some friends. While the second spot we recommend for this date is a little boozy, you can also go and order virgin drinks. 

Estimated Cost: Cheap-expensive (depending on what you buy)

Estimate Duration: 3-5 hours

Best Days: First Sunday of the month

Best Time: When the sun's out; before 3pm.

1. Head To Alameda For Vintage Shopping At A Massive Flea Market

Located on an old military base in the East Bay, the Alameda Point Antiques Faire (colloquially known as the “Alameda Flea”) is a lovely vintage shopping experience with a panoramic view of the city. Whether or not you buy anything, it’s worth grabbing a coffee on-site, and meandering through the 10,000 stalls, stocked with every vintage item you can imagine.

Expect lots of antique furniture, vintage clothes, incredible art, and décor you won’t find elsewhere. Cheaper stalls tend to be located toward the back—it’s a good place to start looking, and work your way up to the front stalls near the entrance. There are also tons of food vendors on-site offering everything from Indian delights, Japanese cuisine and sushi, to burgers and pastries.

Things to know about Alameda Flea...

  • Open the first Sunday of the month from 6am-3pm.

  • Admission: 6-7:30am - $15.00 | 7:30-9am - $10 | 9am-3pm - $5

  • Go at the crack of dawn to find covet-worthy gems, or arrive at your leisure. Just know that it gets a little picked-over toward the end of the day.

  • There are ATMs on site, and some vendors take cards.

  • Bring a car if you plan on buying anything, but note that a lot of vendors deliver—just ask!

  • Sorry, no pets allowed.

Photos via Yelp.

2. Share An Afternoon Drink At Retro Tiki Bar, Forbidden Island

Nestled just a short drive across the island from the Alameda Flea is a local spot that’s not to be missed. Forbidden Island is a quintessential tiki bar, equipped with kitschy island décor, and deadly-delicious drinks. You can’t go wrong with their signature flaming mai tai, but if that’s not your poison there are tons of traditional tiki drink options, house specialties, and top-shelf rum from around the world you can try.

Things to know about Forbidden Island…

  • Forbidden Island opens at 4pm on Sundays, so be sure to take your time at the flea, or check out downtown Alameda while you wait.

  • Scorpion bowls for four are $10 off all day on Sundays. That’s so double-date worthy.

  • They serve snackable bar food like coconut shrimp, waffle fries, and corn dogs.

  • Come back on Thursday or Saturday evenings for fun live music & DJ nights!

Photos via Yelp.

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